The possibilities within the cryptocurrency trading

//The possibilities within the cryptocurrency trading

Cryptocurrencies are a revolutionary financial tool, an innovation that can reduce bureaucracy, shape the economy and allow you to earn exponentially.
It is easy to see that the cryptocurrency market is one of the most volatile and that’s precisely why trading in cryptocurrencies can actually be an important tool to improve your economic situation.

Cryptocurrency trading is the new trend in online trading.
Cryptocurrencies are defined by some as a “shelter asset” comparable to gold since, from “historical” data, the demand increases in particular periods marked by strong uncertainty in the market. We cannot be certain of this, but certainly the virtual currencies, thanks to their volatility even in the very short period, represent a source of strong speculation in the financial world. They therefore, provoke a lot of interest in the online trading world also intraday through contracts for difference (CFDs).

But let’s take a look at the most used cryptocurrencies

Of course, you’ll have heard of bitcoins, the most famous among the cryptos and with a quote that reached $ 10,000 in November 2017 (on October 5, 2009 the bitcoin exchange rate was published for the first time compared to the dollar: a bitcoin then was worth $ 0.008).
There are many cryptomena launched on the market and, to date, continue to alternate, with more or less competitive projects at the base.   Among these lies another interesting cryptocurrency, Ethereum, whose market cap value exceeded $20 billion and $600 million at the end of July 2017.

The chart of the historical price of Ethereum has also witnessed to an extraordinary appreciation: at its debut on the market an Ethereum was worth $ 0.20, in June 2017 it was close to $ 400.

More and more investors are doing trading operations using digital coins. Innovators in the industry and always at the forefront have understood the importance of offering our customers revolutionary investment advice.
In fact, cryptomete is a totally new reality compared to classic forex assets, commodities, indices and stocks.
Everything happens digitally with an encryption system to formalize the exchange of the main cryptocurrencies and at the same time ensure that the transaction process for the creation and exchange of coins takes place in a safe manner.
As in the case of the classic forex currencies, there is no central bank that issues such currencies or controls the amount of money available in circulation, which puts an advantage over cryptocurrencies in making transactions based on price volatility and less influence from macro dynamics such as inflation (as it happens in the classic forex).

Investing wisely in this area is neither simple or intuitive, PowerStooq provides tips on how to trade the main cryptocurrencies using a qualified broker.


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