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What is PowerStooq?

A: PowerStooq is a provider of financial education, research and electronic tools for the individual offered on subscription basis and distributed via affiliate marketing.

What does Powerstooq offer?

APowerStooq  program offers a Trader Kit including: signals, stocks, market, cryptocurrency and academy.  Optionally, our members can choose to participate in our affiliate program that creates a residual monthly income if they sell our product subscription to others.

How much does PowerStooq cost?

AOur member subscriptions range in price and differ in duration. Please refer to the Getting Started page for current subscription packages and pricing.  

How do the Trade Alert work?

AThrough the use of modern technology our Market Experts are able to deliver their trade newsletter in a matter of seconds through a push notification and delivery through our mobile app, posting on our member website, and via email. This enables our members to receive the newsletter detail wherever they are on whatever device they choose: smartphone, tablet, or computer.
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